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Gallery Folders

Zecora from MLP by missbrony28
princess of jungle by wax-42
Zecora by TheFawnFlying
Stop bugging me by Underpable
Zecora The Zebra
Zecora - Brown Paper by PoneBooth
[SFM] Zecora Inner Peace by MrWithered

Mature Content

Zecora the Changeling Slayer by V-Korneev
Zecora by ScootieGP
Zecora As A Human

Mature Content

Simple censored Zecora fanart by ArchdemonErin
Oil on Hot Waters (Master Q Parody) by meiyeezhu
Zecora by Kessandra-S

Mature Content

Zecora's Hut [PART] by weasselK
Zecora With Other Ponies
Pony headshots - sketch dump by LeafyCrown
COM10_ Light Landstrider and Zecora by MagnaLuna
Gift: PonyByteSketches : 4 players! (Neon Ver.) by PeriodicBrony
Tribal love (Request) by Zindry
Figures, Plushies etc.
Zecora by HamPony by HamPony
Plush zebra OC Limrei by Valmiiki
Zebra OC 16 inch by Valmiiki
Lucid stripe Zecora by Essorille
Rainbow Dash 4 of 4 by victoriahellsing
Rainbow Dash 3 of 4 by victoriahellsing
Rainbow Dash 2 of 4 by victoriahellsing
Equestria LA - 12 by Timmy-22222001
Zecora wallpaper v2 by skrayp
Zecora wallpaper by skrayp
Zecora by Smooth-Criminal-13
Zecora wanders - Dec 18th by viwrastupr
FanFictions etc.
Elsewhere in the DV: Bullies and Curses by Dreamy-Drapony
Zebra OCs - Only MLP FiM
Raffles Hoof bio and reference by existenceinanutshell
[Commission] Zeber V2 by Pinkxei
[Commission] Zeber V1 by Pinkxei
Raffles Hoof (Colored) (Read the description) by existenceinanutshell


Zecora Stamps

Zecora Stamp by Percyfan94
Zecora Stamp by jewlecho Zecora Fan by Wooden-Flashlight Zecora - stamp by V1KA
:thumb282355541: :thumb280445309: :thumb265599839:
REQUEST: TwilightxZecora Stamp by inkypaws-productions

All other pony related groups are welcome to affilate, just send a request!

:iconcrazytwilightplz: ~ :iconhappyspikeplz: ~ :icondashishappyplz: ~ :iconfluttersqueeplz: ~ :iconpinkiepieplz: ~ :iconrarityishappyplz:

Have a look through the affilates, these are all great pony groups.

:iconajliarplz: ~ "They aren't great groups!"

Informations About Zecora's Group

:iconblacksparklesplz: That Wicked Enchantress Zecora by ShelltoonTV:iconblacksparklesplz:
:iconzecoraplz::bulletblack:Welcome to the Zecora Group!:bulletblack::iconscootaloopony:

Read the rules for the club here:

:bulletblack: Everypony is welcome, you just have to like Zecora!

:bulletblack: Submit your artwork to the correct folder please, "Zecora The Zebra" is for Zecora only, "Zecora As A Human" is for Human Zecora artworks, "Zecora With Other Ponys is for group pictures and "Miscellaneous" is for figures, papercraft etc.. You can upload so many artworks you want per day.

:bulletblack: Mature content is okay, but please be careful with this artworks because younger people can look at this group too.

:bulletblack: Don't submit official artworks, screenshoots, WIPs or stolen pictures!

:bulletblack: Respect all the other members and be friendly even they don't have your opinion!

Read the rules and follow them, remember, Pinkie will :iconzecoraannoyedplz:watch you forever! :iconpinkamenasmileplz:

Pinkie Pie's Evil Enchantress Song…

She's an evil enchantress
She does evil dances
And if you look deep in her eyes
She'll put you in trances
Then what will she do?
She'll mix up an evil brew
And she'll gobble you up
In a big tasty stew
Sooo... WATCH OUT!


:bulletblack:Zecora videos on YouTube:bulletblack:

"You're Doomed"…
"The first episode with Zecora"…

If you have any questions, feedback, tips or a discomfort, just send a note to the founder of this group.

:new: Requests for contributors are open. If you want to be one, just send a note or a comment.

:star: 100th Member :iconjosemanuelsalas: :star:
:star: 300th Member :star:
:star: 500th Member :star:

The group avatar is from the awesome *jewlecho.








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missbrony28 Featured By Owner Sep 24, 2016  Hobbyist Artist
Yay! Finally found a Zecora fan page! So happy!
(1 Reply)
Blazefoxen Featured By Owner Oct 3, 2015  Student Digital Artist
Would a 3D model Zecora in a picture if her be accepted?
(1 Reply)
EchoWing Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
This is an open call for assistance; I'm on the verge of writing fanfiction featuring Zecora, and I absolutely suck at writing verse. I'm asking for help in getting her poetry right. Anyone who provides will get credit.
AshlynArt-100 Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2015  Hobbyist Artist
Screw Applejack, Zecora is the most godang underrated character in the show...
comicfam Featured By Owner Mar 12, 2015
how did it go?
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